“Well, throughout history, humans mainly made houses out of sticks. There was a biography about three pigs that explained the origin if I recall correctly.”



Three appliances break their man-forged manacles and go on the roadtrip of a lifetime.

SUSIE, Nelly and CF6 were perfectly happy where they were; cooking and cleaning and playing music for the Johnsons. It’s what sentient household appliances were built for, after all.

However, after the sudden disappearance of their human owners, the appliances find themselves without any sense of purpose and decide head out on a road trip across the UK to search for Mr. and Mrs. Johnson.

But, in the end, is it really their owners they’re looking for, or is it freedom?

Who am I?

Hey, I’m Stefan, a 26-year-old writer from Dorset in England. When I’m not busy being self-absorbed I’m studying for my MA in Creative Writing and Publishing, feverously, aggressively, and voraciously writing (and abusing adverbs) on the beautiful South Coast of England.

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